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We provide comprehensive maid solutions in Singapore with reasonable and affordable pricing, with no hidden cost and exploitations to any of our valued customers. Get in touch for your maid request and immediate maid transfer. 

1) Deployment of New FDW

Deployment of New FDW from Indonesia, Philippines and Myanmar and these 3 countries are approved source from MOM for FDW deployment.


2) Deployment of Transfer FDW

Personally interview of Indonesia, Philippines and Myanmar at any of our branches. 


3) Direct Hire of FDW 

Direct application without FDW paying for additional loan, Processing In Singapore and country of origin. 


4) Settling-In-Programme (SIP) 

Effective from 1st May 2012, all first-time FDWs are required to attend the SIP before starting work with their employers and within the first three days of their arrival. AA Celest Employment will ensure the registrations of FDW for the SIP within time frame given. 

5) Liaison with Embassies 

Arrangement for passport renewal and Home Leave documentations for Indonesia and Philippines FDW return home to their country of origin for holidays during the employment in Singapore. 

6) Medical Check-up 

FDW is required to go for medical check-up upon arrival to Singapore and every 6th monthly to screen for infectious diseases and pregnancies. The medical will be performed by registered Singapore doctor. The employer will bear any medical expenses incurred by the FDW in the course of the medical. 


7) Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

AA Celest Employment will assists in purchasing the minimum insurance coverage of $15k required by MOM for FDW Accidental and Permanent Disability. Employer can upgrade the comprehensive insurance coverage at a reasonable rate because it is employer responsibility to undertake the costs of her medical treatment during her employment in Singapore. 


8) Application of Work Permits

Application of WP via WP online or Manual application via Singpost. 


9) Renewal of Work Permit

A Work Permit renewal notice will be sent two months before the WP of FDW expires. The WP for FDW can be renewed within 30 days before it expires via WP online. The collection of the new WP card and purchased of $5000 security bond and General Insurance required by MOM.


10) Cancellation of Work Permit 

The cancellation of WP is needed when the FDW is terminated within the WP validity period or the WP expires via WP online. 


11) Booking of Return Passages 

Booking of air tickets to all parts of Indonesia, Philippines and Myanmar at all times for FDW at competitive prices.

12) Counselling for FDW  

We undertake to provide counselling sessions for the helpers and in their spoken language.if need be whenever the need arises at any time. As we understand that there may be occasions for misunderstandings due to language barrier and also the fact that the helpers

will be prone to homesickness especially more so for fresh helpers.

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